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"Today, many researchers working in various scientific fields want to conduct research in Ethiopia.  Yet, in many cases they are confronted with problems like how to start the research? How to geographically delimit the area of research?

How to manage research time? How to plan interviews? How to establish research contacts? How to find accommodation and transport? How to select and hire research assistants, interpreters and many other similar questions?

For about a decade, Access Tours has been answering these questions for several researchers who have conducted research in Ethiopia in diverse scientific areas.  More specifically, Access Tours has been successfully assisting undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students as well as other categories of researchers. To the full satisfaction of its clients , Access Tours has been providing professional services such as facilitating the collection of research data, translating documents, arranging interviews, selecting pertinent contact persons, renting cars, reserving hotels and providing general guiding services.

Therefore, if you intend to do research in Ethiopia and you want to spend your scarce time in the most efficient and optimal way, let Access Tours make your work easier.  Just contact us, describe your research plan and expectations and we will promptly answer your questions, using our rich experience. We furthermore charge reasonable prices and offer a flexible attitude. Trust Access Tours to make your research in Ethiopia a success!"




Ethiopia is a land of natural contrasts, from the tops of the rugged Simien Mountains to the depths of the Danakil Depression, at 120 meters below sea level one of the lowest dry land points on earth.


Ethiopia has a proud and long history extending to the known beginnings of humankind. The Axumite kingdom was one of the great civilizations of the ancient world and has left behind the mystery of the great Stellae found at Axum.